Exhausting Fatigue

Isn’t that just being tired?

I get tired too.

Oh really, sir, is that so?

Well let me educate you.

It’s not just being tired

And I don’t just need more sleep.

It’s ongoing, always with me,

So don’t act like a creep.

All my energy drained,

There’s simply nothing there.

Heavy limbs, aches so strong,

It doesn’t seem that fair.

Just push through, get on with life,

Everyone has to do it.

Excuse me, sir, but may I say,

You’re totally full of shit.

Weighed down by their bodies,

Some must stay in bed.

Unable to move, stuck in place,

Can’t even lift their head.

Daily life, tasks and chores,

Are a challenge everyday.

Even the smallest, tiniest thing,

Our bodies make us pay.

Never felt it? I’m happy for you.

Be grateful, lucky and free.

Fatigue is more than tiredness,

So don’t spout that ignorance to me.


That morning cup of coffee,

The warmth upon my hands.

It soothes the soul and keeps me bright,

It always understands.

The kettle holds the key,

To sunshine in a cup.

Or iced in summer, cool and fresh,

I’ll drink them all right up.

Might be weird or OTT,

To talk of coffee this way.

Like it or loathe it, coffee is king

It helps me through the day.

Just Me

Whirring thoughts

Busy mind


New ideas to find.

Quiet times

Loud times too

Picky with company

Means I cherish you.

Barriers will fall

Patience is key

I leave my shell

And truly be me.

I am who I am

Quirky till the end

Introvert girl

Immature friend.

Some think me distant

Aloof, even rude

Untrue and false

I’m not in a mood.

Unique and myself

Perfectly me

Those who look closer

Are the ones who’ll see.

Judge at your peril

The introvert crowd

We are what we are

Reflective and proud.

My Little Bubble

My bubble was home,

It’s the place I know.

It’s my own little world,

And it’ll surely grow.

Illness confines me,

I had to stay.

But my bubble was nice,

In a strange sort of way.

My little reality,

A world for me.

Not isolated or alone,

It just had to be.

Now I get better,

My bubble spreads more.

A new life opens up,

For me to explore.

It’s daunting and scary,

Unfamiliar, that’s true.

But the world is my oyster,

And it can be yours too


Leaves will fall, to the forest floor
All is orange, reds, browns and more.

Cosy warm fires, stoked and glowing
Blankets be snug, hot coffee is flowing.

Daylight fades, the nights seem vast
Temperatures dip, it’s cooler at last.

Indoors we relax, sit with a book
Outside grows dark, through windows we look.

Pumpkins abundant, Halloween is near
For autumn is a joy, a blissful time of year.


We are all on a journey

Some of us unsure

Some of us so certain

Of what’s behind that door

You plan it out

You think ahead

You’re positive, hopeful

Not filled with fear or dread

But our paths may change

For better or worse

It can be a glorious blessing

Or a hateful curse

Keep your head held high

Admire the flowers

For this journey we’re on

Will always be ours

What type of posts would you like to see?

Good evening! I hope you’re doing well 🙂 Thought I’d do a bit of research for my upcoming blog posts and pose a question to you all:

What would you like to see posts about?

The main focus will still be my struggles with chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety etc. And I do enjoy sharing some of my day to day stuff, photography and just general life posts. But what would you like to see specifically?

  • Maybe some book and gaming reviews (although I can’t guarantee they’ll have a professional sounding vibe to them)
  • Something relating to my cooking and baking; all recipes would be gluten-free and most would be vegetarian. Also I could do some food reviews and recommendations of good ‘coeliac friendly’ places
  • Possibly even some random posts with memes, quotes or funny jokes I’ve heard
  • Poetry (all mine and original)
  • Short stories (also all mine and original)
  • More ‘get to know me’ kind of stuff, like my taste in music, films, TV shows. And some more serious things such as causes I feel strongly about. Don’t worry though. I don’t intend on turning this into some kind of controversial, opinionated or preachy blog. That’s totally not my style
  • Could maybe try a type of Q&A kind of post. You ask questions in a message or on the post itself and I answer. Simple. Well, assuming you actually ask appropriate things and I feel comfortable divulging the info.


Drop me a comment or message if you have any ideas or requests.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kelsey x