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Inner Reader

Hooked on pages The story inside World within Teleportation Printed beauty Escapism first Cover to cover Transportation Sentences flow Paragraphs born Coming together Exhilaration


The birds that sing overhead Insects scuttle underfoot Fish in the waves, riverbeds too The life that lives where it can. Adaptable, making the most of it They find a way to thrive Not all but some it must be known Do proudly soldier on. Humans as well do this

Freestyle #2

We see the world the way we want Rose-tinted glasses or the skeptics shades Optimist, pessimist and realist alike Perceive and analyse, fitting their views Good or evil, grey area morals Ethics for some but foreign to others Perhaps our realities aren’t the same Parallel but never to entwine Marching

Bring the right thing

Some people bring the sunshine Others bring the rain Some people bring both at once The joy and the pain Some people want what’s best For you and all their kin Others only see themselves Their selfishness kicks in What is it that you bring To other people’s lives Sunshine

Clouds of Cotton Wool

Sublime sunshine Clouds of cotton wool Glorious brightness It’s all so wonderful Streaming through glass Lights up my day Even when sofa-bound It comes to say hey Colours of blue Green of the grass Beautiful weather Let’s hope it won’t pass

The Dark

Something creeps, unseen and unheard. It lurks in the corner, not saying a word. Maybe it’s waiting, biding it’s time. Or maybe there is no reason or even no rhyme. Blankly it sits, emotionless air. What is it? What are you? Why are you there? The dark does not speak,


It can hit you like a bus Or creep up in the dark It takes on many guises And it always leaves a mark. Maybe you feel sick Or maybe it’s an ache Could be pain deep inside A presence that keeps you awake. Your whole mood may change Is

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