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It can hit you like a bus Or creep up in the dark It takes on many guises And it always leaves a mark. Maybe you feel sick Or maybe it’s an ache Could be pain deep inside A presence that keeps you awake. Your whole mood may change Is

Heat Intolerance

Howdy howdy! How’s everyone doing on this Thursday afternoon?! Now that it’s winter in good old England, I can reflect on one of my most persistent symptoms without melting into a puddle: heat intolerance. This is actually something I’ve likely struggled with since childhood. I would HATE getting into a

A New Diagnosis

Hello again 🙂 hope you’re all doing well. Getting back on topic with my health issues for today’s post; all about a new diagnosis I received back in 2012. As you hopefully already know as you’ve read past posts, you’ll remember that I was initially diagnosed with M.E back in

Bits + Bobs

Hello all 🙂 I hope you’re having a good weekend so far; or at least as good as can be. This post is just going to be a random selection of pics I’ve found. We don’t always like reading an essay style post or something really intense, so this seemed

Things Not To Say To Someone With A Chronic Illness

Afternoon all! I hope you’re having a good Sunday. For this post, I sought the input of friends on one of my social media profiles. I asked if there were any particular things that they remember being told, asked etc with regards to their chronic illness(es). But I only wanted

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