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Something unusual happened

Watch out; there’s a positive progress post about to drop. Brace yourselves. Yes. I did a thing. A thing that I have barely managed for YEARS. I WENT OUT TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW 🀯😱πŸ₯³ I know. I’m just as shocked as you are right now. Mouth agape and everything.

Reading, reading and more reading

As some of you know, the Goodreads app allows you to set a yearly reading goal, aka the number of books you aim to get through in a year. Before I got my PS4 a few years back, I was easily reaching 70+ or so. But once the gaming addiction

Just Me

Whirring thoughts Busy mind Imagination New ideas to find. Quiet times Loud times too Picky with company Means I cherish you. Barriers will fall Patience is key I leave my shell And truly be me. I am who I am Quirky till the end Introvert girl Immature friend. Some think

Understanding an Introvert

Howdy folks! Now, I imagine you’ve all heard of introverts and plenty of you are probably reading this right now. *INTROVERTS UNITE* Ahem…anyway. For those of you who are unsure, an introvert is someone who is generally very inward focused; honing in on feelings and emotions rather than outside stimulus.

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