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In a Nutshell – Sleep by C.L. Taylor

Seeing as I powered through this in just over 24 hours, I’d say it was one heck of a read! An instant 5 star read, right from the opening page. Nothing was as it seemed AT ALL. I thought I’d gotten something sussed out and then BOOM, curve ball. The

Adventure Time

This may be news to some of you, but I am an absolute sucker for cartoons; whether they’re made for children or adults. I’m a 26 year old, I swear 😉 but Adventure Time always holds a special place in my quirky little heart. It kept me company for a

CBT news

Here comes a positive post, people. Positive post warning. So I’ve been having high intensity CBT for over a year, which I genuinely can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before. Gulp. Anyway! You now know. It was mainly targeting my various anxieties and depression, but we also discussed phobias and stress

Stop The Stigma

Let’s get right to it: there should be NO stigma or shame attached to taking antidepressants, anxiety meds etc. It really gets to me that there’s still people out there who see them in such a negative light. Yes the medications may not help everyone and in some cases can

A weird sort of gratitude

When you think back to being a child, what were your dreams? Where did you want to be by the time you were your current age? If you look at your life now, does it match up? The chances are that, no, it doesn’t. That may because you changed your

A Window into the Wheelchair World

Hello all 🙂 hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. This brand new post is going to be all about the variety of experiences I’ve had whilst in my wheelchair. Some will be minor trivial things, but when they happen regularly, it soon builds up into one big mass annoyance. Positives

The Story of my Wheels

Good morning all 🙂 I hope you’re as well as possible and not experiencing too much of that Monday feeling. I’ve just this minute polished off the last of my iced latte so I’m currently pepped up and ready to get this post written! After my M.E diagnosis in early

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