House Twenty8

Hello hello! I have reappeared in the world of blogging 🙂

I’m actually going to be posting about something that happened TODAY rather than leaving it forever and day before getting round to it. Proactive Kels this evening. As my mum had the day off work, we decided to utilise the girly time with a bit of fresh air and some good noms. The sunshine was glorious, if a wee bit on the hot side for little old me and my POTS ridden body. Much sweat. Many heartbeats. ANYWAY. I still enjoyed myself; just working with the hand I’ve been dealt in life.

On the agenda for lunch was somewhere we’ve actually been to before and really enjoyed. It’s called House Twenty8 and is an all vegetarian cafe with plenty of gluten free and vegan options as well. I went for my all-time favourite dish in there: the superfood salad. Beetroot, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, salad leaves and houmous (hummus?) 🥗 Seriously good and crazy healthy. I also had the H3 Immunity juice which consisted of: carrot, apple, lime, ginger and turmeric. Pretty warm and spicy! As for my mum, she chowed down on a veggie gluten free quiche and salad, whilst sipping on a banana, blueberry, strawberry, coconut milk and mixed seed smoothie. Oo la la! And before you ask, of course I have some photos to share! 😉 AND we decide to take a couple of sweet treats home; mine being a gluten free white chocolate cake bar and my mum opting for something called a ‘Wellbeing bar’, which is essentially just a giant sort of flapjack concoction.

Bon appetit, my friends x

The Tea Party

Another post already?! I’m shocked at myself.

Hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected. I’m not relishing the prospect of 31°C temperatures here tomorrow. I can already hear my POTS kicking my arse and making my heart do the Can-can. ANYWAY. Distraction and grumpiness over. Time for my foodie review 🥪☕

There’s a little tearoom/coffee shop that I discovered (thank you Trip Advisor) online whilst on a jaunt to the coast. As I’m Coeliac, I’m constantly on the lookout for new places to eat that offer friendly food. In fact, I think I’ve mentioned this particular tearoom in a previous post 👍🏻 it’s called The Tea Party (loving the Wonderland reference there) and it’s so unbelievably cute inside. I’m now kicking myself for not actually taking any interior shots but I’m sure some Google searches will help you out. Oh and it’s in Lee on (the) Solent by the way, down in beautiful Hampshire.

An iced vanilla coffee started my lunch off on a high note; plenty of sweetness and caffeine to give me a boost. After perusing the specials menu and asking about gluten-free options, I opted for the special toastie: halloumi, avocado and sun-dried tomatoes 😍 served with a salad garnish and some homemade slaw. DELICIOUS. Le boyfriend had a chicken mayo salad wrap which was also from the specials menu. He happily demolished said wrap, so it was clean plates all round. Annoyingly we had chosen a table almost right next to the cabinet containing the cakes. I hadn’t planned on getting a slice as I wanted ice-cream on the beach. BUT, for my gluten-free buddies, they have some sort of GF cake available most of the time. Yesterday it was chocolate and mint which looked AMAZING.

My fabulous toastie
le boyfriends luncheon
And a compulsory beach shot

So there we go; a little insight into my food loving world and how I handle being gluten-free 😊

Until next time, my friends.

Kelsey x

Holibobs: The Follow-up

Hello hello!! Nice to see you all this evening; or whatever time it is in your part of the world.

As promised, I’m here to write up a quick little post about my recent trip. I was able to introduce my boyfriend to one of my all-time FAVOURITE places: Lyme Regis in Dorset ❤️ for those of you who haven’t been, photos will follow to show just how utterly gorgeous it is. Seriously. I’m not exaggerating. Here’s a brief, but informative, list of everything we got up to…

Monday –

  • Exploring the highlights of the town
  • Hitting the amusement arcade
  • Grabbing a cider whilst overlooking the beach
  • Stuffing our faces with food at the pub (whilst drinking more cider)

Tuesday –

  • Boyfriend had a shooting experience for his birthday with a couple of friends, whilst I met up with my dad and grandparents for brunch
  • Boyfriend then met them for the first time (he did extremely well!!)
  • Got to see my dad’s new house
  • Dinner and drinks at the pub

Wednesday –

  • Yummy breakfast in one of my favourite cafes
  • Another quick look at the sea before leaving

And amongst all of this, they were busily shooting a new film in various parts of the town! Very exciting 🙂

This cider is seriously scrumptious
Neverending nachos
Another food pic
Told you it was gorgeous!!
All gluten free right here
The ship they used for some of the filming
I miss it
Laurel on the right and Hardy on the left
Look at that face

Cat Cafe 🐱🐈

It’s me again! Well, who else did you expect?!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend and aren’t dreading Monday too much. So today was a pretty exciting day; my first trip to a CAT CAFE. Yes. A cat cafe. Paws For Thought only opened last month but they’ve been very popular already (no surprises there then!) 🙂 Due to the nature of the cafe, it’s a booking only scenario to stop it getting overcrowded, noisy etc. It costs £5 per person for an hour time slot but there’s also an afternoon tea option for £25 per person for two hours. Okay so it’s not the sort of thing you’d do regularly as those £5 visits soon add up, especially once you add drinks and food on top. But as a treat, it’s a really lovely place. The cafe itself was immaculate so I had no qualms about eating a yummy slice of gluten free choccy cake! They currently have 4 resident cats but I believe they’re introducing a further two some time this week. Overall it was a lovely little trip and I thoroughly enjoyed myself 🙂

Goodnight and sleep tight

Kelsey x

(p.s keep on scrolling for some piccies!)


That morning cup of coffee,

The warmth upon my hands.

It soothes the soul and keeps me bright,

It always understands.

The kettle holds the key,

To sunshine in a cup.

Or iced in summer, cool and fresh,

I’ll drink them all right up.

Might be weird or OTT,

To talk of coffee this way.

Like it or loathe it, coffee is king

It helps me through the day.

Things I’ve Made #1

I made my first ever gluten free crumble. Apple and pear filling with cinnamon. So delicious and coeliac friendly 🙂

I’ll be trying to post photos of my gluten free bakes and meals *but* they won’t usually include a recipe as I use ones I’ve found online anyway. It’s more just to showcase the fact that I can now do more of what I enjoy; plus it’s food and I love eating food. Food is life. Life is food. FOOD FOOD FOOD 😍

Now here’s an important question: what do you have with a crumble? I will pretty much always choose ice-cream as I simply LOVE the hot and cold combo. But my mum and stepdad insisted on custard, which I do like, but ice-cream is king with crumble.

Bon appetit!

Chef Kelsey x

What type of posts would you like to see?

Good evening! I hope you’re doing well 🙂 Thought I’d do a bit of research for my upcoming blog posts and pose a question to you all:

What would you like to see posts about?

The main focus will still be my struggles with chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety etc. And I do enjoy sharing some of my day to day stuff, photography and just general life posts. But what would you like to see specifically?

  • Maybe some book and gaming reviews (although I can’t guarantee they’ll have a professional sounding vibe to them)
  • Something relating to my cooking and baking; all recipes would be gluten-free and most would be vegetarian. Also I could do some food reviews and recommendations of good ‘coeliac friendly’ places
  • Possibly even some random posts with memes, quotes or funny jokes I’ve heard
  • Poetry (all mine and original)
  • Short stories (also all mine and original)
  • More ‘get to know me’ kind of stuff, like my taste in music, films, TV shows. And some more serious things such as causes I feel strongly about. Don’t worry though. I don’t intend on turning this into some kind of controversial, opinionated or preachy blog. That’s totally not my style
  • Could maybe try a type of Q&A kind of post. You ask questions in a message or on the post itself and I answer. Simple. Well, assuming you actually ask appropriate things and I feel comfortable divulging the info.


Drop me a comment or message if you have any ideas or requests.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kelsey x

Cotswolds Trip Day 1

I’m back at last! Well I actually got back from the Cotswolds on Tuesday but lets not split hairs here. I’m going to be taking a detour from my health story this time to tell you all about my mini holiday; something far more light-hearted than doctors and exhaustion. I’ll be sure to try and include some photos in this post as well. Sadly the quality of the photos may be reduced as I’m having to get them from my Facebook account. But you’ll still be able to get the general idea of what a GORGEOUS place the Cotswolds is 🙂


First stop on our Cotswolds visit was the lovely town of Burford in Oxfordshire. Having been a couple of times before, my mum and I both knew it had to be on our list. There’s so many lovely, independent shops to peruse and mooch around in, including the extremely unique and utterly charming Oxford Brush Company. And yes it is exactly that; a quirky shop full of almost every brush you can imagine. I was particularly intrigued by the hedgehog boot brush. Then there’s The Cotswolds Cheese Company. At this point it’s probably worth telling you all that I pretty much LIVE for food. My diet is gluten free because of Coeliac disease and I choose not to eat meat (I still eat fish, so I’m a Pescetarian) but I basically eat everything apart from that. No shame foodie over here! Oh right, the cheese shop. I don’t know about you lot, but when I’m faced with a full cheese cabinet, my heart starts racing. I want to try them all; apart from blue cheese because cheese should not have veins. So then you take the only sensible route and try all the ones you can before buying. Cue some interesting faces made by me and my mum and a number of minor disagreements. We eventually decided on a ewes milk cheese called Wigmore; a beautifully creamy, semi-soft cheese made in Berkshire. I’m no expert but I’d compare it to a brie which I just adore. We bought a second cheese but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called. Disappointing.

Next up on the agenda was finding somewhere gluten free friendly for us to eat. As I mentioned, I’ve got coeliac disease so have to have a totally gluten free diet. My mum has a gluten intolerance and my nan is a coeliac, so it seems to be a genetic kind of thing. I’m so used to researching places online that it’s just second nature now. After quickly browsing some review sites and various menus, I suggested The Cotswold Arms. I opted for the gluten free haddock and mozzarella fishcakes, whilst my mum chose the gluten free Portobello mushroom burger.  Food glorious food is what I shall say about that. Brilliant, friendly service too and a relaxed pub atmosphere.

Once we were suitably filled up, off we went to visit a lovely friend of ours. I know she reads my blogs so I’m waving to you! You know who you are 🙂 Many laughs were had by us all. A really nice couple of hours. After that, it was onto our accommodation to relax, eat and just enjoy some mother daughter time. Our day was rounded off nicely with some cheese, nibbles and a glass of wine for me.

I hope you found this as interesting to read as my previous posts. I thought I’d mix things up a bit and see how it went down with my audience. Oh and I best post some of the photos I mentioned before I go.

Goodbye for now. Kelsey x

St. John the Baptist Church, Burford
My fantastic lunch!