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In a Nutshell – Others by James Herbert

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. I’m still sat in my PJs at 11:45am and it’s glorious. So here’s something a bit different for you guys; something that I’d like your opinion on. I’ve been writing short and to the point book reviews on Goodreads for AGES now. I

CBT news

Here comes a positive post, people. Positive post warning. So I’ve been having high intensity CBT for over a year, which I genuinely can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before. Gulp. Anyway! You now know. It was mainly targeting my various anxieties and depression, but we also discussed phobias and stress

Little Things

That morning cup of coffee, The sunshine and the breeze. Letters from my pen pals, The flowers and the trees. Spending time with mum, We laugh, we chat, we joke. Helping out my closest friends, Connecting with spoonie folk. Going out once a week, Even just for an hour. Managing


We are all on a journey Some of us unsure Some of us so certain Of what’s behind that door You plan it out You think ahead You’re positive, hopeful Not filled with fear or dread But our paths may change For better or worse It can be a glorious

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