Things I’ve Made #1

I made my first ever gluten free crumble. Apple and pear filling with cinnamon. So delicious and coeliac friendly 🙂

I’ll be trying to post photos of my gluten free bakes and meals *but* they won’t usually include a recipe as I use ones I’ve found online anyway. It’s more just to showcase the fact that I can now do more of what I enjoy; plus it’s food and I love eating food. Food is life. Life is food. FOOD FOOD FOOD 😍

Now here’s an important question: what do you have with a crumble? I will pretty much always choose ice-cream as I simply LOVE the hot and cold combo. But my mum and stepdad insisted on custard, which I do like, but ice-cream is king with crumble.

Bon appetit!

Chef Kelsey x