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A New Diagnosis (continued)

Let’s jump straight back into it, shall we? No time like the present and all that jazz. So, as I said in the previous blog post, I was referred to a cardiologist at a local hospital to test for POTS. The only real way to officially diagnose POTS is via

Exhausting Fatigue

Isn’t that just being tired? I get tired too. Oh really, sir, is that so? Well let me educate you. It’s not just being tired And I don’t just need more sleep. It’s ongoing, always with me, So don’t act like a creep. All my energy drained, There’s simply nothing

A New Diagnosis

Hello again 🙂 hope you’re all doing well. Getting back on topic with my health issues for today’s post; all about a new diagnosis I received back in 2012. As you hopefully already know as you’ve read past posts, you’ll remember that I was initially diagnosed with M.E back in

Just Me

Whirring thoughts Busy mind Imagination New ideas to find. Quiet times Loud times too Picky with company Means I cherish you. Barriers will fall Patience is key I leave my shell And truly be me. I am who I am Quirky till the end Introvert girl Immature friend. Some think

Understanding an Introvert

Howdy folks! Now, I imagine you’ve all heard of introverts and plenty of you are probably reading this right now. *INTROVERTS UNITE* Ahem…anyway. For those of you who are unsure, an introvert is someone who is generally very inward focused; honing in on feelings and emotions rather than outside stimulus.

The Road to Depression

Sorry for being very quiet. Nothing has been wrong; I’ve just been slacking a bit. Whoops! But I am back with a vengeance to tell you all about a subject that, whilst very personal, is something I am 100% open and honest with. I’m not ashamed of it and I

Anxiety: Episode One

So I’ve been thinking of future posts; thinking quite a bit actually. I wanted something that I could keep going back to and was, ultimately, very relatable. And voilà! An idea struck me. As I’ve battled anxiety in many forms since my teen years, what better avenue to explore than

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