How to Spot a Bookaholic

A very warm welcome to you on this Monday afternoon!

So it’s confession time today. I need to get something off my chest…

I am a bookaholic

But how can you spot the signs of a bibliophile, bookworm etc? Do you suspect a family member, friend, partner, or co-worker? Or maybe you think that you yourself has a penchant for bookish ways? Well, the wondering could stop right now with my extremely (not) scientific list; based on my own traits and those I recognise in other book loving folk.

  1. Buying new books when you already have mountains of unread ones at home
  2. Struggling to walk past any bookshop without at least browsing the selection on offer
  3. Owning more bookmarks than you can possibly use at any one time
  4. Staying up late to read ‘just one more chapter’
  5. Being overjoyed when receiving bookshop gift cards for a birthday, Christmas etc
  6. Scouring through charity/thrift shops and claiming it would be rude not to buy anything at such low prices
  7. Feeling irritated when people try to converse with you whilst immersed in a book
  8. Moaning that you don’t have enough space in your bookcase but continuing to buy more regardless
  9. Trying to convert a non-reader
  10. Getting mildly high off the smell of books, bookshops and print
  11. Using apps such as Goodreads to overwhelm yourself with all the beautiful novels you want to read
  12. Having a reading routine/ritual, such as burning a specific candle, sitting in a certain place, drinking or eating something in particular
  13. Putting off starting a new book as you’re still emotionally attached to the last one
  14. Feeling utterly heartbroken and personally offended when someone folds the corners instead of using a bookmark
  15. Stalking authors online
  16. Signing up to every book giveaway site you can find
  17. Remarking on the differences between the book + film adaptation, much to the annoyance of those non-readers around you
  18. Feeling exhilarated when discovering a new author + immediately yearning to read everything they’ve ever written
  19. Going to the library regularly
  20. Telling anyone + everyone that they must read this book, this author, this genre

I’d say that’s a pretty extensive and accurate list. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to read my 9th book of the year.


Kelsey xxx

Author: thosedarkpages

hobby photographer. gaming gaming gaming. bookaholic. nature + animal lover. all the coffee. chronic health recovery. depression + anxiety battles.

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