Anxiety Victory: Episode Two

Afternoon my friends 🙂 hope you’re having a tremendous Tuesday.

Today’s post is another glorious anxiety victory. My mum and stepdad went away for their birthdays last week; leaving me home alone for 3 nights + 4 days. I’m used to being on my own during the day whilst they’re at work and obviously the occasional night as well. But, from what I can remember, this is the longest I’ve ever been home alone. I may be 25 years old, but I often don’t feel much like an adult. So this? This was a big deal! Not only did my anxiety allow me to cope and have a great few days, it showed me just how much my physical health has improved. For a long time with my health issues, I couldn’t do any household chores, I couldn’t wash my own hair, I couldn’t get myself a drink or food and sometimes I couldn’t even dress myself. And now I’ve conquered 4 whole days alone and 3 whole nights; nights being where the anxiety can strike most when I’m alone.


Over + out.

Kelsey x

Author: thosedarkpages

hobby photographer. gaming gaming gaming. bookaholic. nature + animal lover. all the coffee. chronic health recovery. depression + anxiety battles.

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