Anxiety Victory: Episode One

Howdy howdy howdy!

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. This is going to be a great post to write as it’s all POSITIVE. Yes I kid you not; it’s a fully positive, happy good news post.

I was invited on a girls night out for a friend’s birthday at the weekend. Obviously I said yes as it was a good friend and I knew I’d enjoy myself. I didn’t second guess my decision. I didn’t stress myself out over it. And I didn’t pull out at the last minute. This time a while ago I’d have simply said noooooo thank you. Or I’d have said yes and worried myself into such a horrible state that I’d end up cancelling. But that wasn’t even on my mind. I had some slight nerves beforehand as it’s such an alien world to me, but I think that’s normal, right? If it’s something you’ve not done before, it’s natural to feel a bit daunted.

We ventured to three different places in town; all of which were really busy, loud and full of a ton of mental stimuli. But I just focused on myself and my friends. I wasn’t thinking outside of my company as I knew that no one was taking any notice of me. And if they were, it’s because they’re checking me out 😉 hahaha. I had numerous drinks and even chose to order shots for the four of us. I just…let loose. I also didn’t get into bed till 3am which is INSANE for me. Look at me being all young + adventurous. Okay so it’s still not something I’d do regularly, but to now know that 1) I can handle it 2) I enjoyed myself and 3) It’s not that scary? I feel so empowered.


Author: thosedarkpages

hobby photographer. gaming gaming gaming. bookaholic. nature + animal lover. all the coffee. chronic health recovery. depression + anxiety battles.

3 thoughts on “Anxiety Victory: Episode One”

  1. A brilliant step forward. Usually when a Father hears his daughter is out ‘doing shots’ it’s a cause of raised eyebrows, but in this case it was great to hear😊


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