Day at the Farm

Hello hello 😊 happy Monday!

I’ve had a very busy weekend which is quite rare for me *shock horror* hahaha. Saturday was a cinema day for a friend’s birthday and yesterday was a day at a petting farm. Yes. A farm. And you want to know the best thing? It was an ADULTS ONLY DAY AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. Don’t get me wrong, children are great. But it was so much quieter and just generally better.

The farm are all about encouraging you to get up close and personal with the different animals. In the spring, you can even hold lambs and goat kids 😍😍😍 other times of the year, you can hold rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and ducklings. I realise I’m probably sounding like a big kid and you’re possibly questioning whether I genuinely am 25 or not. But let’s be honest: if you love animals, this sort of thing is ALWAYS a good idea, regardless of age.

I realise this wasn’t a particularly lengthy or informative post, but it’s nice to take a break from the more serious stuff sometimes. Oh and of course I have some photos for you all to enjoy 😉😁

Take care + look after yourself.

Kelsey xxx

Author: thosedarkpages

hobby photographer. gaming gaming gaming. bookaholic. nature + animal lover. all the coffee. chronic health recovery. depression + anxiety battles.

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