Exhausting Fatigue

Isn’t that just being tired?

I get tired too.

Oh really, sir, is that so?

Well let me educate you.

It’s not just being tired

And I don’t just need more sleep.

It’s ongoing, always with me,

So don’t act like a creep.

All my energy drained,

There’s simply nothing there.

Heavy limbs, aches so strong,

It doesn’t seem that fair.

Just push through, get on with life,

Everyone has to do it.

Excuse me, sir, but may I say,

You’re totally full of shit.

Weighed down by their bodies,

Some must stay in bed.

Unable to move, stuck in place,

Can’t even lift their head.

Daily life, tasks and chores,

Are a challenge everyday.

Even the smallest, tiniest thing,

Our bodies make us pay.

Never felt it? I’m happy for you.

Be grateful, lucky and free.

Fatigue is more than tiredness,

So don’t spout that ignorance to me.

Author: thosedarkpages

hobby photographer. gaming gaming gaming. bookaholic. nature + animal lover. all the coffee. chronic health recovery. depression + anxiety battles.

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