Cotswolds Trip Day 1

I’m back at last! Well I actually got back from the Cotswolds on Tuesday but lets not split hairs here. I’m going to be taking a detour from my health story this time to tell you all about my mini holiday; something far more light-hearted than doctors and exhaustion. I’ll be sure to try and include some photos in this post as well. Sadly the quality of the photos may be reduced as I’m having to get them from my Facebook account. But you’ll still be able to get the general idea of what a GORGEOUS place the Cotswolds is 🙂


First stop on our Cotswolds visit was the lovely town of Burford in Oxfordshire. Having been a couple of times before, my mum and I both knew it had to be on our list. There’s so many lovely, independent shops to peruse and mooch around in, including the extremely unique and utterly charming Oxford Brush Company. And yes it is exactly that; a quirky shop full of almost every brush you can imagine. I was particularly intrigued by the hedgehog boot brush. Then there’s The Cotswolds Cheese Company. At this point it’s probably worth telling you all that I pretty much LIVE for food. My diet is gluten free because of Coeliac disease and I choose not to eat meat (I still eat fish, so I’m a Pescetarian) but I basically eat everything apart from that. No shame foodie over here! Oh right, the cheese shop. I don’t know about you lot, but when I’m faced with a full cheese cabinet, my heart starts racing. I want to try them all; apart from blue cheese because cheese should not have veins. So then you take the only sensible route and try all the ones you can before buying. Cue some interesting faces made by me and my mum and a number of minor disagreements. We eventually decided on a ewes milk cheese called Wigmore; a beautifully creamy, semi-soft cheese made in Berkshire. I’m no expert but I’d compare it to a brie which I just adore. We bought a second cheese but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called. Disappointing.

Next up on the agenda was finding somewhere gluten free friendly for us to eat. As I mentioned, I’ve got coeliac disease so have to have a totally gluten free diet. My mum has a gluten intolerance and my nan is a coeliac, so it seems to be a genetic kind of thing. I’m so used to researching places online that it’s just second nature now. After quickly browsing some review sites and various menus, I suggested The Cotswold Arms. I opted for the gluten free haddock and mozzarella fishcakes, whilst my mum chose the gluten free Portobello mushroom burger.  Food glorious food is what I shall say about that. Brilliant, friendly service too and a relaxed pub atmosphere.

Once we were suitably filled up, off we went to visit a lovely friend of ours. I know she reads my blogs so I’m waving to you! You know who you are 🙂 Many laughs were had by us all. A really nice couple of hours. After that, it was onto our accommodation to relax, eat and just enjoy some mother daughter time. Our day was rounded off nicely with some cheese, nibbles and a glass of wine for me.

I hope you found this as interesting to read as my previous posts. I thought I’d mix things up a bit and see how it went down with my audience. Oh and I best post some of the photos I mentioned before I go.

Goodbye for now. Kelsey x

St. John the Baptist Church, Burford
My fantastic lunch!




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